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If you are looking for a professional company to service your heater or air conditioner, there is no better team than TS Heating and Cooling in Havertown PA. Our HVAC system repair experts are specially trained in air conditioning repair, central air maintenance, and quality ductwork.

For years many Havertown families have looked to our team of professionals to provide them with the highest quality air conditioner repair. The summer months can be excruciatingly hot and no family wants to be left in a sweltering environment. Poorly maintained HVAC systems can result in unnecessary and costly bills, so you have to hire the right professionals that understand heating and air conditioning installation.

A/C Service

Having problems with you Mitsubishi air conditioner? Expert cooling system maintenance is a phone call away, allowing you and your family to get back to the things that you love doing. And most of all, you get to relax as we take on the greatest challenges that reputable HVAC professionals can overcome. Is your air conditioner freezing up? Let us stop in to help you get the situation under control so you can move on with your day. As a leader in air conditioning repair services,  TS Heating and Cooling technicians are able to handle any system out there. We look forward to the challenge!

Heating and Furnace Repair

As a leading specialist in heater repair, you can rely on us during the cold winter months when temperatures plummet. We have served Havertown for years and our customers have always looked to us to help them keep their family warm. Whether you are in need of gas furnace repair, hot water heating, or geothermal heating repair, there is absolutley no reason to hesitate. Call us right away and we promise to delivery the absolute greatest customer service in the Philadelphia area.

If there is one thing that can cause a major problem, it’s a broken thermostat! If you find that your home’s thermostat is in need of a major adjustment or fix, we can certainly help you out.

Hot Water Heater Maintenance

An elite hot water heater repair service in Havertown, you can be absolutley certain that you will get the right diagnosis and maintenance in a timely manner. We know very well that a broken water heating system is a major inconvenience to many families, so we will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Is your hot water heater leaking? This is a common problem with hot water boilers and can be the result of an older unit that is beginning to break down. Any sign of water leakage or problematic drainage is something that should never be taken lightly. Call the experts at TS Heating and Cooling to bring immediate relief to your Havertown PA home.

Water heater maintenance is something that every homeowner will consider at some point during their life. We offer nothing but the best hot water heater experience and will ensure that your system is up and running the correct way from day one.

Heating and Cooling Service

Whether you have a portable air conditioner or a broken gas furnace, our technicians bring the highest level of knowledge and experience to fix your problem in a timely manner. Geothermal heating, air conditioning unit maintenance, and multi-zone heating and cooling systems can be hard to maintain. Let us give you peace of mind as we take care of your needs and ensure that you are living in a happy and comfortable home.

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