The HVAC system in your Montgomery, Chester, and Philadelphia County home is a vital component, keeping you comfortable year round. When it comes time to repair, replace or service your equipment, choosing the right contractor is just as important as the equipment itself. Rather than choosing the first one you find, take the time to obtain several HVAC installation quotes, and then follow our guide to help select the right one.

• Get referrals. Poll your friends, family and neighbors to see if anyone has an outstanding contractor they would recommend.

• Ask for references. Insist on at least three recent, local references and follow through with a call to each. Ask questions pertaining to the professionalism of the contractor and the quality of the work done, and end by asking if they would hire them again.

• Meet face to face. Be wary of a contractor willing to give you an estimate over the phone. A true professional will come to your home to properly inspect and size your HVAC equipment.

• Get it in writing. HVAC installation quotes are only as good as the paper they’re written on, so be sure to get a detailed one including parts, labor and warranty.

• Verify credentials. Ask the contractor for licensing and insurance information and check to make sure that both are valid and up to date.

• Think about your future. Your HVAC system requires ongoing maintenance and service. Look for a contractor with a TS Service Plan and years of experience in the business and your community.

• Prepare for an emergency. Your HVAC system doesn’t care if it’s late at night or the weekend when it breaks down; choose someone that does and offers 24/7 emergency service.

• Trust your gut. First impressions are important. If you don’t trust the contractor or they are short tempered, rude or unprofessional, cross them off your list right away.

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