Space heaters can and cannot save you money when it comes down do it they will not.  Space heaters vs your whole house heaters.  A space would be good for one or two rooms, but then you would have to think that hot air goes to cold air, so the heat they are making is just trying to get to cold air and they will just keep running.  That will use your electric bill greatly.  Also then you will have to think of your plumbing pipes freezing and breaking.  Pipes are everywhere in your home not just in the rooms your heating and that could lead to thousands of dollars in loses on top of your high electric bill. There is also a rick for fire with space heaters. All in all keep you whole house heated and remember you can lower your thermostat four degrees when not home or when sleeping and then have it come back to where you want when awake or back home.  Any more then four degrees lower will use more energy usage.  Contact us today if you are using space heaters so we can help you save some money.  T.S. Heating & Cooling is hear for you and your comfort.

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