Do you remember the winter of 2013 in Pennsylvania?  Just like much of our customer base, and the entire east coast, it was a cold one. Bitter cold. Most residents in the Philadelphia were not prepared for the below freezing tempuratures. Were you prepared at your home for the 2013-2014 winter season? Well if you were not prepared last year – make sure you take the necessary steps to be ready for what they are calling an even colder winter for 2019-2020.

Beat the cold with these hot tips from Tom at TS Heating and Cooling in Norristown, PA:

1. Heating Unit Check Up – Servicing your systems before the peak of summer and winter will help to ensure efficency throughout the season and tackle any maintenance issues early!

2. Ask about Service Contracts with your Heating Company – Especially if you have an older system this is a great way to manage expenses and ensure priorty appointment times.

3. Insulation in your Attic – This is one way you can help your heating system work more efficiently

4. Drain and Close Outdoor Water Spickets – Chances are you knew someone that had burst pipes in the winter of 2013-2014 – don’t let that be you this year.

5. Insulate Pipes on Exterior Walls – Especially if your home is not properly heated you are at risk for frozen pipes.

Together we can beat the cold winter months ahead and stay warm and cozy in our home. Just contact us today for an appointment. If you are a resident of Montgomery, Bucks, or Chester County PA, allow us to help you with your heater or furnace mainteance and repair. We offer great packages, affordable quotes, and the highest customer service in the Philadelphia area.

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