Space heaters can and cannot save you money when it comes down do it they will not.  Space heaters vs your whole house heaters.  A space would be good for one or two rooms, but then you would have to think that hot air goes to cold air, so the heat they are making is […]

Do you remember the winter of 2013 in Pennsylvania?  Just like much of our customer base, and the entire east coast, it was a cold one. Bitter cold. Most residents in the Philadelphia were not prepared for the below freezing tempuratures. Were you prepared at your home for the 2013-2014 winter season? Well if you […]

Here are four quick and dirty tips you can do today to help your HVAC make it through the summer: Have your HVAC tuned up by a professional at the beginning of each season. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s important to have this done by a professional, some parts can be easily damaged […]

If you own a furnace and want to rely on it for heat this winter then it’s time to schedule your 30 Point Furnace Tune-Up with TS Heating and Cooling. A furnace is one way to heat your home. Furnaces have many advantages but also require proper maintenance. For our clients we focus on providing […]

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What are you looking for in your HVAC System?  When buying and selling a home the quality and effeciency of the HVAC system is a great potential selling feature, especially in the Philadelphia area with 4 seasons. Not to mention it will be providing your homes indoor comfort level. Selecting the proper system will achieve […]

The HVAC system in your Montgomery, Chester, and Philadelphia County home is a vital component, keeping you comfortable year round. When it comes time to repair, replace or service your equipment, choosing the right contractor is just as important as the equipment itself. Rather than choosing the first one you find, take the time to […]

The typical air conditioner is one of the most costly and yet most widely used electronic appliance all over the world, simply because it is inevitable for your comfort. Though it is quite an important device, would you like to spend your hard-earned dollars behind repair and service of an air conditioner just due to […]